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5 Reasons why you should have a silk wedding bouquet

Silk Wedding Bouquets

Having your bridal bouquet made from silk flowers is becoming more popular, the cost is easier on the pocket, you get the flowers you want and they last a lot longer.

The quality of Silk flowers have come such a long way and are often mistaken for real flowers, as they can be so realistic. 

1. Flowers will last...

Fresh flowers struggle in hot weather especially popular varieties such as hydrangeas and roses. There is no chance of a wilted bloom with a silk wedding bouquet. The flowers are obviously more robust so no amount of handling from little hands will snap stems making them picture perfect all day without the worry of handling delicate bouquets.

2. An Heirloom bouquet

It is always such a shame that fresh flowers won't last but having your bridal bouquet made from silk flowers gives you an instant heirloom keepsake that can be put away or displayed and handed on in later years.


3. Destination/Elopement

Light weight and more or less indestructible your silk wedding bouquet will be easy to transport in your suitcase for your destination wedding. Having the bouquet with you means you don't have to stress meeting a florist abroad as soon as the plane touches down.

4. Get the Flowers you want

Have you ever tried getting summer seasonal flowers in winter?  Try getting a peony in December and your florist will give you the all knowing 'no chance in hell look'  Silk wedding flowers are not seasonal and you can get most varieties all year round. With this years flower trend leaning towards tropical blooms, artificial flowers will be your saviour.

5. Cost Effective choice...

Silk Flowers are much more likely to be a bit easier on the purse and lucky for you we have 50% off our Silk Wedding Flower collection

Happy Shopping

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